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This website was formed by John and Pamela Flood in response to the lack of quality firewood available in Ireland. We want to offer an alternative to the poorly dried wood that currently passes for firewood throughout Ireland.

moisture-meterJohn and Pamela use a wood burning stove and appreciate the natural warmth of a real fire in the family home. Having carefully sourced and tested our products in our own home we now offer them to you. We are confident that our logs are the absolute best quality available in Ireland.

We want happy customers who understand the benefits of burning properly dried wood.

  • All our wood products are Carbon Neutral – no carbon tax applies
  • Our ash wood is guaranteed not to exceed 20% moisture content
  • Dry firewood = high heat output = more heat for your money
  • Poorly seasoned or green wood burns at a lower temperature
  • Dry wood means minimum residue on your flue or glass fronted stove
  • Our kiln dried firewood is clean to handle. No bugs or mess in your home


We want our customers to see the benefits of dealing with

  • We only sell firewood by volume so you know exactly what you are getting
  • If you buy by weight you may pay for excess water in logs not fit for firewood
  • All Logs are cut to 25cm long
  • Delivery usually takes 3-5 working days. If your access allows we will place pallets where you want them