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Kiln Dried Firewood Logs for Sale Ireland

Kiln Dried Firewood Logs for Sale Ireland

We are a small family business run by husband and wife team John and Pamela Flood. If you are looking for Kiln Dried Firewood Logs for Sale Ireland, we will supply you with top quality kiln dried firewood, restaurant grade hardwood charcoal and smoking wood chips; and we deliver it NATIONWIDE.

We guarantee:

  • Great service with a personal touch
  • All our prices include delivery nationwide.
  • Consistent high quality products

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Kiln Dried Firewood for Sale & Restaurant Grade Hardwood Charcoal

Kiln Dried Logs for Sale

We supply kiln dried logs for sale in both bags and large pallets. Our kiln dried firewood contains 20% or less moisture.

The logs are 25cm / 10 inches in length with a typical diameter of 5 to 15cm (2 – 6 inches)

We supply direct to the domestic customer and also wholesale. If you intend ordering a pallet of firewood, please ensure there is adequate access to your house / premises for the delivery.

Lumpwood Charcoal – for BBQ’s & Caterers and Restaurants

Our top quality lumpwood charcoals are the best that can be had. We have small and large grades and heavy and light charcoals to suit any grilling or smoking operation.

We can supply in small amounts of a few bags for the home BBQ enthusiast or pallet amounts for wholesale and commercial operators.

Our charcoals are 100% organic lumpwood. No quick light additives. These charcoals maintain long burning consistent heat and provides a superior flavour to your BBQ foods.

The range is Namchar brand 3kg/5kg small grade domestic charcoal, Namchar brand 4kg briquettes, Woodfuel brand 10kg heavy density ,  graded 40-120mm, Namchar brand 20kg heavy density, graded 30-80mm, Woodfuel brand 10kg medium light density, graded 40-80mm. We also have other specials from time to time.

Woodfuel are here for all your top quality charcoal needs.